Saturday, May 8, 2010

REVIEW: Planet 51

Planet 51

Dwayne Johnson,
Justin Long


November 20, 2009

Jorge Blanco

Tri Star Pictures (Sony)

1 hour 31 minutes




What do you know: a smart and funny family film that parents will really love as much as the kids. Planet 51 is about Chuck Baker, an astronaut who comes to a planet believed to be deserted. But as it turns out, this planet is home to a species of aliens that live in a town much resemblent to 1950s America. Now, Chuck, with the help of some of the local "aliens" must get back to his ship in space before it goes to Earth without him. This movie was actually some pretty decent family entertainment. Well, it was better than Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. What this movie did to provide good family fun is the animation. The animation and the music in this stunning 1950s planet makes eye candy for any kid and/or adult. Dwayne Johnson, who voices the astronaut is doing a fun and funny job doing what he does best: act out. Also, some of the characters in this movie are funny to see, like Rover, who's a space robot dog whom is from Earth, and Skiff, the best friend of the main alien in the movie who works at a comic book shop and is a big fan of the alien movies that ae shown on his planet. What's funny abou this movie as well is that it pays homage to the B-movie sci fi films from the 50s and how some people actually believed in aliens, hence creating Area 51. So, if you're family wants some fun, harmless family entertainment, then you should go to Planet 51.

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