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REVIEW: Cowboys & Aliens

Cowboys & Aliens

Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford


July 29, 2011

Jon Favreau

Universal Pictures,
DreamWorks Pictures

1 hour 58 minutes



'Cowboys & Aliens' opens up on Daniel Craig waking up in the desert having a mysterious cuff on his wrist and no idea who the hell he is. Throughout the first 20 minutes of the film, the audience learns that his name is Jake Lonergan, a criminal wanted for death and money. What's great about the first half hour of this movie is that the audience is just as clueless as Daniel Craig's character. Throughout the movie we learn piece by piece what happened in Lonergan's past that caused the aliens to come. John Favreau, best known for directing the 'Iron Man' series is fantastic at developing his characters, as well as being a great storyteller in general. As corny as the movie's title may be, 'Cowboys & Aliens' is an awesome summer movie that gives today's audiences a glimpse of the ol' west as well as satisfying their sci-fi appetites.

The best thing about 'Cowboys & Aliens' is its characters and how they're developed. Daniel Craig takes a break from the '007' role to be Jake, a clueless criminal who may be everybody's only hope in getting their town back. Like I said previously, you're just as clueless throughout the movie as Jake is, because he is still trying to figure out who he is and why he has the mysterious bracelet on his wrist. With every hero there has to come with a cranky counterpart, and that person is Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde, played by the man, the legend, Harrison Ford.

Since Ford is much older than he was thirty years ago, playing a scruffy, cranky, old sheriff who can also be a badass is the perfect role for him. It's always nice to see Ford on the big screen being the action star he always was, rather than being in some average medical drama. Ford and Craig have terrific chemistry, and that alone carries the movie. This movie has a great supporting cast, including the luscious Olivia Wilde, and the hilarious/powerful Sam Rockwell. They are just as great as the two main leads, and they will make you laugh and intrigue you throughout the two hour movie.

As most know, Jon Favreau, the director of 'Iron Man' is at the helm of this sci-fi western. As much as I love the 'Iron Man' movies, I think that Favreau made a great choice leaving the series. Before 'Iron Man,' Favreau directed the Will Ferrell comedy 'Elf,' and the sci-fi kids adventure 'Zathura,' both of which are excellent movies. 'Iron Man' was only the benchmark of this director's career. With his creative mind, Jon Favreau can really go far in Hollywood, rather than just acting alongside Vince Vaughn in a dumb comedy. Favreau's creative mind sells the what could have been dismal story of this movie. Of course we get unnecessary subplots involving defending yourself, but you still have to remember that every great movie has a few minor flaws.

With an energetic cast, a cool storyline, and killer special effects, 'Cowboys & Aliens' is a fun summer movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the initial mystery is solved. Craig and Ford have perfect chemistry together, and why wouldn't they, considering the fact that it's an epic action battle between 'Indiana Jones,' 'James Bond,' and a whole bunch of extra terrestrial aliens. The story is intriguing, as you keep wondering what is going on between Jake Lonergan and the aliens that want to kill everyone. For those looking for some pure summer fun, you may want to give this movie a chance. Not everyone will love it, but if you know that it's going to be more western than sci-fi, and there's more character development than alien battles, then you will enjoy the epic battle of 'Cowboys & Aliens.'


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  1. I love the classic western, and "Cowboys and Aliens" is an outstanding example of the genre. I loved everything about this movie, and I am really disappointed to read its reviews.


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