Tuesday, August 30, 2011

REWIND REVIEW: Exporting Raymond

Exporting Raymond

Phillip Rosenthal


May 1, 2011 (LIMITED)

Phillip Rosenthal

Samuel Goldwyn Films (Sony)

1 hour 25 minutes



On a night where I had nothing to do, my father and I decided to go to Redbox and find something to watch.  I had already seen most of the stuff there, so I decided on getting 'Exporting Raymond,' a documentary from Phil Rosenthal, the creator of the hit TV show, 'Everybody Loves Raymond.'  The original TV show, which ended in 2005 still makes me crack up when a rerun is playing on TBS.  The show basically was 'Married with Children' if the Bundy's were more mil-mannered and their neighbors were their family rather than a crazy couple.  The show was so clever and so relatable to modern audiences that it was hard not to laugh at the jokes.  It seemed that families worldwide could relate to Raymond and his messed up family.  But then, Russia called, and they wanted to do 'Raymond' over there. 

As much as I wanted to love this movie, I just couldn't.  Sure it was funny, but I don't think that it was worthy to win the top award from the Austin Film Festival.  I don't find Rosenthal to be unfunny, but I found this movie to be somewhat dull, with some realistic comedy put into it.  Many I think really enjoyed this documentary, but some didn't and I am one of those few.  Honestly, I just wish I watched a few 'Raymond' episodes instead of seeing this.  This is a film for the big 'Raymond' fans, as well as documentary fans.  This is a film that disappointed me, and I wish it could have been better.  Overall, I just found 'Exporting Raymond' to be an okay movie.  The only time to watch it is if you are really bored or are in the mood for something involving your favorite American family sitcom.  Sony and Rosenthal should not have exported Raymond, because the Russians never even got into the Italian American mood at all.

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