Thursday, May 16, 2013

REVIEW: Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

Robert Downey Jr.,
Gwyneth Paltrow


May 3, 2013

Shane Black

Marvel Studios (Disney),
Paramount Pictures

2 hours 10 minutes



In terms of the quality of their movies, Marvel Studios has really been kicking some serious ass in the past couple of years.  Though 'Thor' and 'Captain America: The First Avenger' weren't up to par with 'X-Men: First Class' (this was a Fox movie, Marvel only co-produced it) back in 2011, the iconic superhero brand still generated two solid movies that led up to 'The Avengers' last year, and that film was a superhero masterpiece.  Now it's 2013, and Marvel has decided to end the trilogy that started the "Avengers initiative" with 'Iron Man 3.'  Robert Downey Jr. of course returns as Tony Stark/Iron Man, who is starting to face new problems involving panic attacks, the love of his life Pepper Potts, and a new villain under the name of "The Mandarin."  This is the first Marvel film to come out after 'The Avengers,' so of course there is a lot of expectations considering how 'Iron Man 2' was a disappointment to many who saw it.  While this film isn't as great as 'The Avengers,' it is, without a doubt, a lot better than 'Iron Man 2.'  Hell, it might be even better than the first 'Iron Man' movie!  Phase 2 of Marvel's Avengers plan has started off fantastically, as 'Iron Man 3' is funny, exciting, and overall an awesome superhero movie.

Tony Stark cannot get over what went down in New York.  Ever since he came hurtling out of that space wormhole, he hasn't been the same.  Stark can't sleep, only wants to work, and recently has started having panic attacks.  It doesn't help him when a new terrorist under the name of "The Mandarin" comes onto the scene and starts killing innocent lives and destroying buildings all over the world.  Then, it becomes personal for Tony, as The Mandarin, and a face from the past named Aldrich Killian start destroying the things he loves the most, including the love from his girlfriend Pepper.  Now Tony must decide what is most important to him: the suit or the man.

It's pretty safe to say that Robert Downey Jr. is a full fledged movie star altogether.  He is one of those guys who not only delves deep into his characters, but also has fun while doing it.  His portrayal of Tony Stark is always the best thing in the 'Iron Man' films, whether the moment's supposed to be serious or comedic.  Downey Jr. said that he may not want to come back for another 'Iron Man' or even the second 'Avengers' movie in the future.  While I can respect his decisions, he is still undoubtedly perfect for the role, and nobody could step in the shoes he's filled since 2008 and give the same superstar-type performance.  While RDJ was the best thing about the film, the rest of the cast was also great in the film as well.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, and Jon Favareu are among the group of actors who are returning to the series as Pepper Potts, Jim Rhodes, and Smiley respectively.  All are great in there roles, and there's not much else to say after that.  The real guys to talk about are Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin and Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian.  Without getting into any spoilers, Ben Kingsley is both sinister and hilarious as The Mandarin.  Honestly that's all that can be said without going into any spoilers, so let's move on to the main villain of the film, Guy Pearce.  Surprisingly enough, Pearce is great at playing a man holding a grudge on Stark, and he's really good in the film overall.  There are scenes that make the audience love to hate the bad guy in this film.  In a superhero movie, those are the best types of villains to have.  Overall, everyone is great in the film, with Robert Downey Jr. stealing the show as always.

'Iron Man 3' is overall a superb superhero spectacle that is action-packed, hilarious, and shockingly deep at times.  There are so many twists and turns in the film that one would have to go in expecting the unexpected.  Director Shane Black really brought out his passionate fanboy side with this movie, giving even Chris Nolan and Joss Whedon a run for their money.  I didn't see the film in 3D, due to the negative buzz surrounding it.  I will tell you though, regardless of the format you see it in, this is one hell of a summer flick that you will regret missing in theaters if you do.  'Iron Man 3' is everything a superhero, or summer in general, sequel should be, and much much more than that.


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