Saturday, July 4, 2015

MINI-REVIEW: Burying The Ex

Burying The Ex

Anton Yelchin, Ashley Greene


June 19, 2015 (VOD/LIMTED)

Joe Dante

Image Entertainment

1 hour 25 minutes



Remember the 1984 horror-comedy "Gremlins?"  How about "Explorers?" "The 'Burbs?"  Wanna know what these films have in common with one another?  Well I'll tell you: they were all directed by Joe Dante.  Dante has been in the business for a while now, turning out strange but entertaining films that appeal to audiences that end up stumbling upon them.  He's still been working long after his underrated 2003 sequel "Looney Tunes: Back in Action" unfortunately bombed at the box office, though the films he's been making you might not have heard of.  His latest film happens to fall under that category in the form of "Burying The Ex."  The film tells the story of Max, a guy who's had enough of his overbearing girlfriend Evelyn.  So he does what most unhappy boyfriends do in relationships and decides he wants to break up with her.  However on the day he plans to break up with her, Evelyn gets killed by a bus.  Death can't easily kill her, though, as she comes back from the dead to be with her "one true love" forever.

Judging by the title, it's pretty easy to see that this isn't going to be the most unpredictable film out there.  That doesn't take away from how fun it is, though.  Anton Yelchin, Ashley Greene, and Alexanda Daddario all deliver on fun and energetic performances, and the story as a whole is witty and clever enough to maintain attention.  The pace is smooth enough where the film never feels rushed, nor does it ever feel slow.  The movie as a whole feels like both a homage to and a spoof of classic zombie films, as well as recent zombie films like "Warm Bodies."  The story may be predictable and there are moments where the film lost me, but as a whole I enjoyed watching this film, and if this is on Netflix one day and you're not doing anything at the moment, then I'd recommend popping this on and checking out Joe Dante's latest flick of fun.

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