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The Tribe

Grygoriy Fesenko,
Yana Novikova


June 17, 2015 (NY/LA)
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Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy

Drafthouse Films

2 hours 9 minutes



The idea of a filmmaker making a film with an entirely deaf cast on its own is quite a challenge.  It's even more of a challenge for an audience member, however, to watch a film with an entirely deaf cast without the use of a score, subtitles, voiceover, or any way of understanding what's going on other than watching what's presented.  Ukranian director Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy did all of this, and the product of his efforts is called "The Tribe."  The film tells a story of a young man who attends a school for the Deaf and ends up in a world of drugs and prostitution, finding love along the crazy way.  If you're intrigued by the idea of an dialogue-free movie, then I think you may be interested in this.  Even if you understand sign language, you have to understand Ukranian sign language to know what the characters are saying.  Luckily, this is a movie where you don't need to understand sign language, you just have to focus on everything that's going on screen.

It might drag at times and the fact there's no music does get a little irritating, but it's hard to deny how ambitious this movie is at the end of the day.  The actors are all solid, the story is fascinating, and director Slaboshpytskiy doesn't hold back on showing things in a very raw and gritty way that, at moments, are very hard to watch.  The movie also doesn't have many cuts, with most scenes being done in one take.  This allows the story to be more intimate and a lot more in-your-face than it would have been with a series of constant takes.  "The Tribe" isn't a movie for the weak of stomach or the softest of hearts, but if you can deal with an entirely silent (except for ambient noise) movie without the ability to understand any dialogue, as well as be patient and be completely focused on what's being presented on screen, then I definitely recommend seeking this one out and seeing why this is getting so much praise.


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