Monday, July 19, 2010

REVIEW: All About Steve

All About Steve

Sandra Bullock, Bradley Cooper


September 4, 2009

Phil Traill

20th Century Fox

1 hour 39 minutes

B- (82)



Most of the people who saw this movie hated it, while the rest of those people, which is a small number of people enjoyed it. Me, I'm just stuck in the middle of them, thinking whether or not I should like the movie or dislike. Mary is a brilliantly gifted crossword puzzle writer at the Sacramento herald. But this comes with a price: she is socially awkward and her only friend is her pet hamster. But when her parents set her up with Steve, who turns out to be a stud instead of a dud, she believes she has met the one. So Mary travels all over the country to find Steve, who believes that Mary is a psychopathic stalker that wants to kill him. I wouldn't say this was the worst of 2009, but it's definitely not the best. Sandra Bullock is a little scary in this movie since she will not stop following Steve around the country. But the movie does have a few funny parts in it. The reason critics didn't like the movie is because it wasn't their type of film to see. If it was a group of teenagers - mid 20 year olds who were seeing this movie, they would like it, and that's exactly who this movie was made for. But for those who saw The Blind Side and The Proposal, they will soon find out that this is a different Bullock movie than those hits. This is certainly not the best Bullock performace and Bradley Cooper, who was fresh of of Hangover sucess is just their to be the pretty boy. But overall, if you're a teenager through 25 year old who wants to giggle a little and pass a good two hours in front of the TV, then this is the movie for you. But if you want to see it, wait for it on HBO, it'll make you feel better that you didn't see it in theaters.

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