Friday, July 23, 2010

REVIEW: Chicago


Renée Zellweger,
Catherine Zeta-Jones


December 27, 2002

Rob Marshall

Miramax Films (Disney)

1 hour 53 minutes

A+ (99)



I've seen a lot of musicals in my lifetime, but never did I see a musical shown from the perspective of several characters minds and emotions. Velma Kelly loves the spotlight. Roxie Hart wants to be in the spotlight. The one thing that they have in common with eachother is that they are on Chicago's famed Murderess row. They also share Billy Flynn, a lawyer who has the talent to turn notorious defendants into local legends. But in The Windy City, only one legend will be permitted. This movie is by far one of the best musicals I've ever seen. It's one that can't get old, even if you watch it in 2052, when it's its 50th anniversary. Even though the story revolves around Ms. Zellweger, the real show-stealer is Cathrina Zeta-Jones. Her performance is sleek, sexy, and electrifying. She puts the cherry and icing onto the cake for this. Richard Gere, who is usually known for his serious roles takes a different turn of providing vocals into his role. And very nice vocals he has I must say. Also, Queen Latifah does a different performance than her usual roles, as she plays a corrupt woman who accepts bribes from her prisoners for cigarettes and phone calls. Other performers, like John C. Riley and Christine Baranski do very good jobs as Roxie's naive husband and Chicago's local news reporter. The only thing that was very interesting about this film is that Ms. Zellweger's character doesn't care about anyone but herself, and doesn't even care about her husband. But overall, Chicago is a cinematic experience not to miss. So if you're a fan of musicals or like any of the talent in this film, then check this out and you won't be upset.

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