Friday, July 23, 2010

REVIEW: The Longest Yard (2005)

The Longest Yard

Adam Sandler, Chris Rock


May 27, 2005

Peter Segal

Paramount Pictures,
Columbia Pictures,
MTV Films, Happy Madison

1 hour 53 minutes

B (85)


In a world where remakes and Adam Sandler movies dominate the box office, one movie will combine those two genres and become one. That film, is The Longest Yard. Paul Crewe is an ex-football star, who was just sentenced to three years in prison. So when the warden assigns him to help out the prisoner's football team, he will attempt to lead some of the most vicious people in the world to victory. Of all of Sandler's movies, this has to be the raunchiest one so far. It's not that it isn't good, because it is, but I didn't love it as much as I thought I would. Chris Rock is a fun presence to watch and can make you laugh at any time. Adam Sandler does his usual bit of being either a nice guy gone psycho or a psycho turned true sport. And frankly, it's starting to get a little annoying to me. I never saw the original with Burt Reynolds. Actually, Burt Reynolds is in this as the coach of the prisoner's team. But when I do, I'm guessing it'll be funnier than this, since I was excpecting a lot more. But if you want a laugh or two, especially with Tracy Morgan's hilarious tidbit as a transsexual, then rent this and you'll know that comedies are meant for laughs and not seriousness, what ever that means.

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