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November 27, 2013

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From the moment the Disney logo first beamed onto the screen to the tune of humming work men at the beginning of this film, I knew that there was something magical about "Frozen" already.  Fast forward 100 minutes, and I walked out of the theater at the end of the film to discover that it had snowed 5 inches since I stepped into the theater and put on my 3D glasses.  Either it was a perfect coincidence, or the film actually possessed the type of powers that only Disney movies could have.  I fell in love with this movie about 10 minutes when a younger version of the protagonist begins to sing a sweet yet sad song called "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" to her sister who has shut her out for reasons I won't go into here.  If you have kids, then you know you're probably going to have to see this movie anyway.  However, you may be surprised at how good the film is for both kids and adults.  Not only are the songs catchy and the characters lively and funny, but the message of the film and the morals about sibling issues are relatable and can teach kids to get along with their brothers and/or sisters.

The animation is gorgeous and incredibly stunning to watch, even in 3D.  The characters are likable and charming enough where we actually care about what their outcome is going to be.  The script has its flaws, but they're made up for the great songs and the message of how one shouldn't convince themselves that they're in love with someone after only a day of knowing them.  I didn't enjoy "Frozen" as much as I enjoyed "Tangled" or "The Princess and the Frog," but I still had a great time with the film, and for a movie that's nearly 2 hours, the time really goes by.  Since there aren't really any other kids movies out there right now for the holidays, this is most likely your only theater option when Christmas comes.  Luckily, the film is just as entertaining for kids as it is for adults, and it is overall worth checking out.


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  1. Great review Zach. While the kids may have more fun with this than the parents, that still doesn't mean it doesn't appeal to both demographics. It just works a bit better for kids, but there's absolutely nothing ever wrong with that.


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