Wednesday, December 25, 2013

REVIEW: August: Osage County

August: Osage County

Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts


December 27, 2013 (NY/LA)
January 10, 2013 (WIDE)

John Wells

The Weinstein Company

2 hours 1 minute



Every member in a family is different in their own unique way, and they all react to dark situations such as death in very different, strange, and even hilarious ways.  "August: Osage County" not only allows us to laugh and be shocked at this crazy family, but it also shows how much better many have it.  Seriously, if you thought your family was crazy, then you may want to think again once you've seen this film.  Not only is "August: Osage County" a darkly funny, uncomfortable, and odd film, but it also helps to let others appreciate their families even more than they previously did.  Not to mention, it's an strangely entertaining 2 hour peak into the life of one hell of a dysfunctional family.

Whenever Meryl Streep is in a movie, you know she's going to be amazing, so much so that it's almost a joke now.  With "August," Ms. Streep goes full method here and brings, once again, another performance that is simply brilliant and incredible to watch.  Another incredible performance comes from Julia Roberts, whose portrayal of a woman who wants to get everything right and try to set her mom straight is quite riveting I must say.  She may be a little over the top at times, but Roberts kills it in every single scene she's in, and I'd argue that it's one of the best performances she's ever given.  Hell, all of the performances are fantastic in the movie, but since I feel that Streep and Roberts stole the show, they were the only ones I really wanted to talk about.

If there were any big complaints to be had with this film, I'd have to say that there were a few too many scenes that were a little too ridiculous to be taken seriously.  I mean, I get that this family was supposed to be crazy and out of control, but there were moments that seemed to go off the rails and just get so out there that it took me out as well.  Also, the film dragged on a little bit at points.  It's kind of expected from a film that's mostly just to be seen for the performances, but still, the body gets antsy when a film makes you feel its length.  These are really just small problems presented here, because the rest of the film is pretty great if you ask me.

"August: Osage County" is a fascinating movie to watch for the performances alone.  Without these performances being as good as they are, the film would pretty much be a waste of time.  There are themes in this film that would be deemed "controversial" by some, so if you're not a fan of themes of incest, rape, and pedophilia, then chances are this isn't the film for you.  However if you can get past all of that, then you are in for one hell of an interesting 2 hour study of one crazy family.  Every actor is so believable in their roles, and they all play off each other really well.  It's ironic that this film is being released around Christmastime because of how families get together for dinners and such.  If you ever thought that your family was crazy and insane, then wait until you get ahold of the people in "August: Osage County."  Not only will it make your family look subtle in behavior, but it will also make you appreciate the people around you a lot more than you did prior to seeing the movie.  Plus if you see this movie with members of your family, then I can guarantee an interesting conversation between you and your loved ones on the ride home.

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