Tuesday, December 31, 2013



Jason Bateman, Hope Davis


April 12, 2013

Henry Alex Rubin

LD Entertainment

1 hour 56 minutes



Kids and teens all over the world are addicted to Twitter, Facebook, and other social network sites like a drug, myself included.  Unfortunately, these sites can be used as a danger towards lonely kids who are looking for someone to talk to.  While this has been portrayed in TV shows, movies, and other media forms before, it hasn't been done as well as it has been done in Henry Alex Rubin's "Disconnect."  Filled with astounding performances, superb direction, and a great script, "Disconnect" might have been the hardest movie for me to watch in 2013.

While "12 Years a Slave" might have been the hardest film to watch visually, this was a hard 2 hours for me because of how close it hit to home.  I feel that, despite its relatively hard R rating, that this film should be shown in all high schools around the country.  Not only does it accurately depict cyber-bullying and the causes of it, but it is also a great watch for those who purchase things online or fall victim to false links and such.  I am so happy that I got around to watching this before the year ended, because this may very well be the single most under-appreciated movie of the year.

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