Friday, December 27, 2013

REWIND REVIEW: One Direction: This Is Us

One Direction: This Is Us

One Direction


August 30, 2013

Morgan Spurlock

TriStar Pictures

1 hour 32 minutes



Every concert documentary is the same: several musical sequences, usually shot in 3D because why not, fans screaming about their undying love for either the singer or band, and the focus or focuses of the film talking about their lives and how they're just normal people like everyone.  "One Direction: This Is Us" does not break that tradition of filmmaking, but that doesn't mean that the formula doesn't work still.  Director Morgan Spurlock is able to make us, the audience, appreciate these five men a lot more than we did prior to have seeing the film.  Most go to see their favorite member in the band, whereas I go for an interesting look in these guys lives.  And frankly, that's exactly what I got.  It's not the best concert film that's ever been put out there, but it is an enjoyable hour and a half to say the least, and for that I'd recommend checking it out if there's nothing else left for you to watch this year.  It might not make you a fan of their music, but I think it will make you respect these guys quite a bit.

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