Tuesday, December 31, 2013

REWIND REVIEW: The Hangover Part III

The Hangover Part III

Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms,
Zach Galifanakis


May 23, 2013

Todd Phillips

Warner Bros. Pictures

1 hour 40 minutes



Let's face it: the only reason director Todd Phillips and Warner Bros. Pictures wanted to make sequels to the 2009 hit "The Hangover" was so they could make a lot of cash back.  Luckily for then, "The Hangover Part II," while it wasn't even remotely as clever and funny as the original, made money, so a third film was fast-tracked soon after that.  Up until recently, "The Hangover Part III" stayed off my radar because I didn't have time to see it.  Now that it's the end of 2013 and a lot more time can be spent to revisit films from earlier in the year, I decided to give this film a chance.  Low and behold, it was actually entertaining.  In terms of quality, the film isn't really that good, nor is it well-made.  However thanks to the dedication from its actors, a somewhat decent script, and some nice cinematography, "The Hangover Part III" proves to be a satisfying enough ending to this unnecessary trilogy, so much so that I can recommend this one if there's nothing else to watch on TV at the moment.

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