Tuesday, December 31, 2013



Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez


August 30, 2013

Courtney Solomon

Warner Bros. Pictures

1 hour 30 minutes



Oh man, where do I even begin with this movie?  "Getaway" is this action movie that came out back in August that was trying to be a combination of "The Fast and the Furious" and "Drive."  Starring Ethan Hawke and teen-sweetheart Selena Gomez, this movie does everything that a generic action movie would do, only now with an action sequence every 2 minutes (not even exaggerating) and lots of exploding cars.  As bad as this movie sounds, and believe me this is a bad movie without a doubt, this is probably the best bad movie you will see in 2013.  In fact, I'd say that this is to action what "The Room" is to romantic dramas.  Everything about this movie is so bad and so poorly executed that it's hilarious to watch, aside from this one well done take that's towards the end of the film.  The acting is mediocre, the script is piss-poor, and the amount of car chases in this film are so excessive that it will make you groan in your seat.  Having said that, if you gather up a bunch of buddies and pop this baby in, then you are going to have one hell of a fun night making fun of this.

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