Monday, August 10, 2015



Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas


July 17, 2015

Peyton Reed

Marvel (Disney)

1 hour 57 minutes



In case you didn't know, "Ant-Man" is the latest superhero to get the film treatment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Before the first "Iron Man" came out, director/writer Edgar Wright wrote a screenplay with his friend Joe Cornish, who also co-wrote "The Adventures of Tintin" with him. Once "Iron Man" became a massive success, producer Kevin Feige began to expand the universe and introduce other heroes like "Thor" and "Captain America" before finally making "The Avengers." Once Wright and Feige were able to find the time to make this film since both men were very busy, they didn't seem to have the same vision for the film. Because Feige is the man with more power and more creative control, Wright left the project with the script rewritten by Paul Rudd and Adam McKay. Considering Wright is one of my favorite filmmakers out there now, the news of his departure from the movie left me feeling very sour towards Marvel.

Going into the finished project, now directed by Peyton Reed of "Bring it On" and "Yes Man" fame, I will admit I was skeptical and ready to rip it to shreds. Cut to two hours later, and I emerged from the dark auditorium I was in with a grin on my face, a pep in my step, and a strong feeling of satisfaction. This is the first Marvel movie that didn't feel like a Marvel movie to me. That means that the film never felt like it was trying to be made solely to be a part of this universe. People say that "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" feel less like Marvel films, but I disagree with them. This has a flare and groove that makes it stand out amongst the rest. It might not have been what Edgar Wright fully envisioned, but I'm happy that his style managed to sneak itself into it. "Ant-Man" is a funny, energetic, self-aware, and well-acted movie that also happens to be Marvel's best standalone superhero film since the original "Iron Man."




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