Saturday, August 31, 2013

MINI-REVIEW: The Frozen Ground

The Frozen Ground

Nicolas Cage, John Cusack


August 23, 2013

Scott Walker


1 hour 46 minutes



Nicolas Cage has a reputation where he will star in any movie that comes crawling to his door.  This has resulted in stupid films like the "Ghost Rider" franchise and many direct-to-DVD films that nobody has ever seen, myself included.  However once in a while, Cage manages to break out of his, um, cage, and turn in solid performances.  In the past decade, he's given spectacular performances in films like "Adaptation" and the original "Kick-Ass," and while "The Frozen Ground" isn't one of his best performances ever, it's definitely a return for Nick Cage as a good actor.  It might not be a perfect movie, but "The Frozen Ground" is a solid mystery thriller with solid performances and a good story to add on to it.

The acting overall is solid, with Nick Cage turning in fine work, John Cusack playing a menacing villain, and Vanessa Hudgens giving a good, but not great performance.  The story is predictable, but enjoyable at the same time.  The script is hit or miss, but overall a generic script with some decent dialogue.  Director Scott Walker effectively brings the gritty side of the 80s out with this solid drama-thriller.  It might not be a great movie, but it is better then one might expect considering some of Nicolas Cage's recent movie choices.  If his new festival flick "Joe" is nearly as good as this movie, then expect Cage to be making a big comeback to good roles, along with good films in general.

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