Thursday, August 29, 2013

MINI-REVIEW: You're Next

You're Next

Sharni Vinson, Nicholas Tucci


August 23, 2013

Adam Wingard


1 hour 35 minutes



In my recent review of "Texas Chainsaw," I talked about how modern horror films heavily rely on blood, gore, jump scares, and sex, which makes me believe that Hollywood executives believe that audiences are stupid.  Horror films rarely take chances and do something that can please just about any movie fan in general, so when something like "You're Next" comes around, it's something of a marvel to behold.  It might not be something revolutionary or uniquely original, but this movie is the type of horror flick that I feel people need to see.  "You're Next" isn't as scary as the trailer might suggest, but the scares are substituted for laughs, blood, and an overall fun as hell Halloween movie.

If you go to this movie for incredible performances and a gripping script/story, then you clearly haven't seen a self aware horror film before, have you?  The performances aren't that good, but that's mainly because these cast members aren't actors, but rather friends of the director and the screenwriter of the film, Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett.  Sharni Vinson is a total badass in this movie and someone who I think should be cast in more horror and action movies due to her awesomeness in this flick.  The film isn't so much scary as it is fun and awesome, and that's thanks to a solid script from Barrett and good direction from Wingard.  "You're Next" isn't a groundbreaking horror film by any means, but it does take the genre and flips it on its head and having a bloody fun time doing that, just like "The Cabin in the Woods" last year.


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