Saturday, August 10, 2013



James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel


April 5, 2013

Danny Boyle

Fox Searchlight Pictures

1 hour 41 minutes



"Trance" is, without a single doubt, the single most mesmerizing film I've seen in all of 2013 so far.  This film comes from the vision of master director Danny Boyle of "127 Hours" and "Slumdog Millionaire," and all you need to know about the story of this film is that it's about a man using the power of hypnotism to reclaim a memory that will help him find a stolen painting.  Saying anything else, or even recommending you to watch the trailers, ESPECIALLY the Red Band trailer, is a crime to the first-time viewing of this film for someone.  Like "Inception," "Trance" is like a movie's way of giving the brain a mental puzzle.  This film will keep you guessing and guessing until it finally ends, in which you just sit back and try to take it all in.

Atop from its engaging guessing game of a story, the script is top-notch, the acting is stellar, and the visual effects, particularly one shot that is sadly spoiled in the film's red band trailer, are a marvel to behold.  "Trance" overall is smart, polarizing, engaging, brutal, and downright brilliant.  Some may feel differently than I did, but honestly, this is just an experience that deserves to be had, especially those who are either fans of "Inception" or of Danny Boyle's previous work.  Be warned, though, this is completely different than stories involving gameshows, love, or hands caught in boulders.

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