Sunday, August 25, 2013

REWIND REVIEW: Texas Chainsaw

Texas Chainsaw

Alexandra Daddario,
Dan Yeager


January 4, 2013

Jason Luessenhop


1 hour 31 minutes



Horror movies these days try to be gory and edgy rather than tense and creepy.  I personally feel that this is because filmmakers, and more specifically Hollywood executives feel that audiences are too dumb and only want blood and sex.  Movies like "The Cabin in the Woods" and "Evil Dead" are examples of how horror films can have blood and sex, yet at the same time be very clever, have many scary moments, and even be funny at times.  "Texas Chainsaw," unfortunately, falls into the category that I will simply refer to as "torture porn."  While I was somewhat entertained during the movie, this film suffers from wooden acting, a bland script, and moments of sheer stupidity that just took me out of it.  Even the twists of the movie aren't very clever and don't exactly have great payoffs.  Sure the gore is cool-looking and the film is kinda fun, but "Texas Chainsaw" overall is a wooden, stupid, and mediocre film that, with a better script and a better director, might have actually been a good horror movie.  Maybe not "Evil Dead" good, but at least tolerable enough to be decent.

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